[ED] I am proud of my lousy English (?

I should try to write this blog in my lousy English. I read some wordpress blogs from other countries recently, finding that I am (always) narrow and limited. Everyone (in my generation) in Taiwan learned second language when we were kids. Actually I don’t think everyone should spend a lot of time and money on it. Language is a tool, if we need it, what we need is adapt to it. Most importantly, I am not major in foreign language or literature, right? (I think that is why my English is still poor, ha)

“How to improve English?" I asked many friends who are good at English before finding the ways are useless to me. I collected some answers, “Watch Sherlock!!!" (I hate serialization, I am easy to crazy on something or somebody… you know. It will restrict me.) “Read fictions." (What I love to read is easy, I don’t want to read the hard stories after scientific papers.) , “Listening to the radio." (I tried it, but only when paying a lot attention on it, I can understand.) , “Watch movies without subtitle?" (I love this way, but I don’t think I have enough time to watch movie everyday.) Come to my conclusion: I am an excellent excuse maker.

Finally, I find a good way (for me) to approach Enaglish everyday. Read Blog!!! I love it, it doesn’t cost me lots of time, I love to eat my breakfast with reading it. I also can get some interesting ideas form different directions. I really consider that the foreign bloggers is much cooler than Taiwanese. (maybe I am Xenomania.) I want to learn from them, also practice my lousy English. (Hope I can keep holding on.)

Champ, at 318 with Taipeinese cold drizzles.


對「[ED] I am proud of my lousy English (?」的想法

  1. It’s such a challenge to write blog in English though it’s easier than speaking English to me (L>R>W>S, ordinary Taiwanese)
    Recommend this web site to you→http://lang-8.com/

    btw I think short videos made by lots of fun and interesting youtubers is also a good material 🙂 (though it’s often meaningless lol)

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