[ED] Think about ASKing.

Preparing final exams and reports recently is stressful for me. (I believe ‘Stressful’ is a positive vocabulary.) Especially, being a master student. is a little different from the university. Don’t misunderstanding what I mean, not for high score or A+, the difference is focus on learning attitude. The obvious case is about asking questions. That is right, we can ask anything, Don’t be afraid, Just ask! That is we were taught and encouraged when we started our education. Then, until now, what happened in our class, in our education? There are two common conditions we can see, one is still quiet in class, no questions; another common condition is what I want to talk below.

Asking without brain is not only ridiculous, but also dangerous, I think.

We need to be responsible for our questions. Before I try to do ‘asking’, this movement , the most important is do I try to search find the answer or what is my opinion. If not, what we did is just chatting but not asking. I see the students in NTU, (Honestly, sometimes they are quite annoying.) they are good at asking and dare challenge what they think is unreasonable, no matter you are professors or experts. I really enjoy the moment when everyone is asking and discussing with each other. It’s also a efficient way to know a man.

Undoubtedly, every question is stupid. But we have to really know why we ask. We should ask a stupid question smartly.

[ My Darling want me to write something in Chineses, such that he can understand. So, I should say something :淼淼,I love you!(?)

[ Do round glasses fits me perfectly?

Champ, overnight in 318 for final Evolutionary Biology exams




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