[Reading] See, Feel and Become

Finally, I finished my final exam yesterday. I also finished a book, 聆聽 一個解說員的驕傲與孤獨, about an professional guide of 梅峰農場. She records what she saw and felt and also tries to explain all these feelings. It’s interesting for someone who also loves creatures and mountains.

There are some cool points in this book. She was major in Chinese philology, but not any about biology or forestry. She quitted her job (dissension with her boss), then it changed her next life. What the special background and experience. She use the different view to see all the creatures, including every leaf and feather. In the forest, the tasks about born, living and also dying are unavoidable, it’s just a cycle, is as common as water running, wind flowing. But, these are always the most dramatic events in human’s life. We are always afraid of something unknown, and also we know clearly. It’s weird and ambivalent, right?

In the book, the most she focus on is nature, the second is people. An guide just like a bridge between the nature and human. When she meet everyone from everywhere, do the different jobs, with different mind, the one reason of their getting together is forest. She open her mind to accept different points, including right and wrong, mature or ignorance. She said ‘Everyone are all like a novel, Just listen to every stories, you will find what you ignore, what you forget, and you will remember something. Reflect on ourselves and our life, your mind will never stagnate.’

She always spend all over night lonely in the wild, just want to wait for a glance of the moth. It’s cold and wet in the wild at midnight without doubt, sometimes it’s also dangerous. Especially, she worked whole day and also have to wake up early tomorrow. No one want her to do that, that just her interest. Don’t you feel tired? ‘Of course!!!’ she said. ‘But, if you always feel easy and relaxed, but not exhausted or break down, you will never know what you really love.’

Her words stimulates my resonance, specifically we have been to the same mountains and forest, saw the same landscape with different view. Sometimes, I felt in her shoes, and sometimes, made me think a lot. It’s interesting that we all see the same world, all live in Taiwan, in the Earth, but because of our past life, just like we wear a glasses respectively, causing special feelings respectively. It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right, these tasks are accumulated gradually and turn into what we are.

(This is not a reading-friendly book, because of a ton of proper names and scientific names in every chapters. Ignore them, it’s ok.)

Champ, saturating in the beautiful sunshine in Taipei




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